Features of polycarbonate greenhouse Harvest PC

Features of polycarbonate greenhouse Harvest PC

The thickness of this material is 4 mm.

If you want, you can boost the amount of the construction to 6 yards or longer. To do this, it’s enough to join a two-meter expansion. When selecting a drawing, pay attention to the distance between the arches. This figure should be 65 cm, which is the most appropriate length for the specified thickness of the material. The diameter of the doorways according to the manufacturer’s drawing is 90 cm.

Before assembling a polycarbonate greenhouse, it is necessary to choose a place for its location. If this is done correctly, it is possible to provide yourself with a crop of fresh veggies for the entire year.

The location for your future greenhouse is marked immediately at the preparation of their garden plot. In order to melt the snow in the place of their greenhouse as soon as possible, the ideal point on the site is going to be a slight elevation. Furthermore, in such a place won’t have to be concerned about large humidity as soil and air inside the structure.

Build a polycarbonate greenhouse on a raised site – means to look after the optimal temperature inside.

When it isn’t possible to place a greenhouse on an elevated place, you will have to pour a layer of fine crushed stone around 20 cm and the exact same layer of fertile soil to make seedbeds.

Before building a greenhouse in your backyard plot, you should also consider where and how this construction will be installed. To begin with, you have to select a location for this. The greenhouse ought to be located in a metropolitan region at least a few meters away from homes, barns and other structures.

How to install a greenhouse Based on the sides of the Planet

Be sure to measure the dirt surface – it’s ideal to even remove the top layer. This can also eliminate weed seeds. And for ease of work, remove the dirt in a place that’s around a meter wider on all sides of the rectangle that you desire.

Additionally, it is worth thinking about having a foundation. As manufacturers say, today most greenhouses don’t need that, especially if they (greenhouses) are employed just in the spring and summer time. But, experienced gardeners still suggest making at least an elementary foundation from a bar. It’s quite simple – it is enough to link with each other utilizing metal corners and screws four pieces of timber with a cross-section of 10 * 10 cm. The size of such a base ought to be equal to the base of their upcoming greenhouse.

Simple bar foundation

You can even earn a strip base of concrete. gidpostroy.ru He’s more reliable than a pub foundation, but requires greater fiscal and labour costs. Incidentally, the greenhouse, which will be utilised in winter, with no and don’t do with it whatsoever.

Stages of the creation of a strip base: a schematic representation

Many producers counsel to put in greenhouse structures without building a foundation. For this intention, they equip the framework with specific T-shaped legs, so the structure was firmly fixed. However, as practice shows, it’s still crucial to build a base: so and the basis will be more securely fixed and also the components of the basis that are in touch with the soil, will be saved much longer in its original condition.

The principal thing is to treat the material with specific agents to protect the timber from moisture. The substance is usually installed on concrete cubes that are dug into the ground. For a six-meter arrangement, they need 10 pieces: four on either side and one at the center of the endings.

Before you do the greenhouse , you have to select the right location for it. It must be an even website, so that the framework was found evenly, without distortions. It should be bright and not obscured by trees or buildings.

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