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He still left the family. The general performance of the engage in takes place only in one place, namely in the Wingfield’s apartment. From the really commencing, the author describes in detail the point out of the structures and the apartment, as well as all the significant objects that are there.

At the commencing of the play, the writer immediately states that “the engage in is memory. Becoming a memory play, it is dimly lit, it is sentimental, it is not realistic” (Williams). Today, this kind of participate in, as well as this process are widespread. However, it is Tennessee Williams who launched the expression memory enjoy.

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Many thanks to this method, the writer reveals to us a environment of memory through the prism of a single hero. This world of memory is a phantasmagoria, an imaginary element of daily life. Glass Menagerie “is a projection of the conscious write my research paper for me write my paper thoughts and, not like the standard drama-of-action, it is involved only with that motion that is comprehended and retained in the head of the protagonist” (Nolan seventy four).

At the exact time, this perform is reflections and memories of the writer around his earlier. He describes the interval of his existence and at the identical time, with the assistance of symbolic images, reveals the complications of American melancholy. Also, he discloses own drama of the figures.


The author spots a great emphasis on symbolic images. They are crucial for a total understanding of the play. From the quite commencing, Tom claims that he is a symbol far too. This is the graphic of his really have, only from his previous.

Tom describes the character himself as “the very long-delayed, but generally assume some thing that we dwell for” (Williams). This point can also be identified as the peculiarity of a memorable play since just about every particular person in the previous is a symbol of a certain period of time in life.

Tom ought to support the spouse and children due to the fact of the father’s escape, and that is why he feels locked up. Tom would like to escape from fact into adventures. He goes to the flicks to discover adventures there. This aspect can also be referred to as symbolic simply because journey in films is an illusion, only a reflection of actuality or fictional environment. Tom is a tragic character not only for the reason that he is locked in with his mom and sister, but simply because he repeats the destiny of his father.

An additional symbol foreshadowing ending of the enjoy. It is a fireplace-escape. “A hearth-escape, a structure whose identify is a touch of accidental poetic reality” reveals Tom’s intentions to escape, and also symbolize the area on edge between severe fact and his traction to adventures (Williams). These blend of symbols shows the illusion of American Aspiration.


Amanda Wingfield is a symbolic image of shed opportunities, youth, and well-staying that has handed. Amanda also life in a horrible actuality. She clings to the illusion, the illusion in her memory, her youth.

Amanda is an impression of the Southern belle. This female arrived out of a rich household, and she still had the behavior of the previous, her pleasure. This image supports garments which she wears. They are the relic of the previous for which she is even now clinging.

The most important from the position of symbolism is Laura’s character. Laura is quite shy, tranquil, and like absolutely everyone else hoping to escape from fact. Also, she is the hope for this relatives. “In Williams’ preliminary description of the figures, he states that the length concerning Laura and fact increases” right up until she seems to be like a piece of her glass collection, far too exquisitely fragile to transfer from the shelf “(Bernard fifteen). Amanda and Tom want a far better life for Laura. Amanda to begin with attempts to help and obtain her a spouse. Then sends her to a company college. Continue to, Laura fled from the faculty to the park. Park is also an escaping place.


The Glass Menagerie is Laura’s assortment of glass animal figures which is the essence of her imaginary globe. “Laura and her glass figures symbolize the spirit, although her brother Tom, who abandons her and gets to be a sailor, represents flesh” (Barnard 9).


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